Image: Grange Farm restoration by Richard Blunt.

Richard Blunt

Listed buildings restoration

William's Yard front elevation

Image: William's Yard shops and offices, Melbourne, Derbyshire.

William's Yard is a landmark new building in the centre of Melbourne. The building comprises 6 shops and 5 first and second floor offices Five of the shops have roadside frontage onto Derby Road, which is the main road through the popular shopping village of Melbourne. Below is the architect's impression of the rear elevation.

Image: Rear elevation of the William's Yard commercial development in Melbourne, Derbyshire.

The building was completed in July 2011 and is fully let. If you would be interested in a unit please contact us and we will give you priority when the next one becomes available.

For more information on William's Yard contact Richard Blunt on:
telephone: 01827 373111
or use the contact form below.


Colour front elevation
Landscaping plan
Courtyard garden plan
Proposed floor plans

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